Course Outline

The purpose of the course is to learn everything about abaya design, And be ready to work your collection in the right ways.

  1. History of abaya
  2. Abaya mode
  3. Trend of abaya
  4. Drawing a sketch
  5. Trend with abaya lines
  6. Fabric of abaya
  7. Basic pattern
  8. Embroidery design
  9. Abaya accessories
  10. Sewing Techniques

Course Despriction 

This course is for anyone in the field of fashion design or abaya or thinking about the opening of his project and will learn in the course inspiration, basic pattern making for abaya and embroidery design

Duration: 20 Hours

Date: TBA

Time: 6PM to 9 PM.

Teacher: Said  Al Omari

Certified: KHDA

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