Course Description 

This course covers the fashion design process fundamentals across research , design and presentation. During the 3 months course, the student will be in charge of creating basic garments, determine the general orientation of a collection , create color palettes and mood boards , design the shapes and lines of the mannequin in different position and garments , choose the right fabrics, makes samples garments including the technical and practical requirements concerning its construction and must excel in either pattern making or draping.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Fashion Design ( stylisme + modelisme )
  • Global Fashion awareness
  • Inspirations and Mood boards
  • Trends and Fashion history
  • Fashion Illustration + drawing + terminology
  • Basic patterns ( skirt + Blouse + dress)
  • Textile knowledge
  • Capsule collection + 1 prototype

Course Highlights

Choosing our Certificate in Fashion Design in CFD will ensure your future success in the world of international fashion.

The College of Fashion & Design has developed a program specifically dedicated to international fashion and Design, fully taught in English and tailored to French academic standards.

The curriculum is highly professionalized both in terms of course layout and its faculty.

During the first week of class, you will have an introduction to Fashion Design, and an understanding of how it can affect our planet, the existence history of the uniform and the history of fashion until the 19th century.

In the second week, you will start practicing and create your fashion illustration, having an understanding of the human anatomy following by the real fashion figure with various poses.

During the third week, you will learn how to draw the human face and hair.

During the fourth week, you will create colored mannequins and a variety of approaches and terminology.

During the second month, students will learn the pattern of different types of skirts including measures, hand stitching, sewing machine uses and finishing to end week 8 with the basic bodice and sleeve pattern.

We will finalize our last month in this short course where the students will create their mood boards and a capsule collection of 10 dresses related to a specific theme to accomplish to create 1 prototype all lessons included

Duration: 60 Hours

Teacher: Mohamed Jaber

Certified: KHDA

Weekdays Classes

(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Date: TBA

Time: 6 – 9 PM

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