Course Description 

Students will learn how to integrate digital drawing skills to create Digital fashion images, print designs, flat sketches and presentation boards. Students will become adept at using the toolbox options and other fundamental functions of industry standard software applications relative to design fields.  Students will gain understanding and competence utilizing Apparel specific CAD programs and appreciate the impact of technology, fashion and computer-generated imagery.

Course Outline: 

  1. Overview of Fashion and Technology
  2. Systems and Equipment
  3. Adobe Illustrator ( vector graphics software)
  4. Creating Technical Flats
  5. Creating Basic Shapes
  6. Creating Tops and Bottoms
  7. Garment details – creating Libraries

Duration: 15 Hours

Date: TBA

Time: 6pm – 9pm

Teacher: Dr. Samer Eska

Certified: KHDA

Days of Class

Week 1: TBA

Week 2: TBA

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Teaching Methods:

This course is delivered in a practical context.  The lecturer will present the ideas and concepts related to the importance of fashion imagery, communication, colour, purpose and impact to the students.  From there, the software programs will be introduced in terms of their capabilities, functions and operation.  Through prescribed exercises, students will learn how to work with program tools for image production, colouration and enhancement.

Visual Communication is essential in the field of fashion. Students will produce a series of samples and a final project to demonstrate their ability to communicate fashion details, styles and inspiration utilizing various computer tools.

Each student is required to create a resource sample book through the completion of class exercises.  Assignments require the student to demonstrate proficiency with system functions; comprehend platforms and utilize supporting technologies and equipment (ie. Work with a scanner to obtain images  – then refine and change these images utilizing technology; file transfer and storage systems.)

Course Assignments and projects are designed to reflect the diverse nature and important role  imagery holds in the fashion realm- and will include technical line drawing – flats; fashion  sketching and some textile patterning.  Presentation impact boards will be introduced.  Students are to engage in general lab etiquette, showing respect for others, the workplace, and by sharing equipment